Why work for us?

Employees and associates alike have a major role to play in Agilient’s approach. The ideal profile of an Agilient team member would be one who had skills covering the problem-solution value chain including articulated as part of our Agilient Approach:

  • Strong consultancy skills to enable integration: understanding the customer’s problems, advising, facilitating, capturing requirements and testing concepts
  • Solution design, business architecture, information analysis, systems integration and information exploitation in support of decision making.
  • Portfolio, programme and project management skills with a particular emphasis on Agile methods and techniques, MSP and Prince2
    We recognise that different individuals will have a mix of these skills and we will look to recruit people to create the right balance for the company and the projects we undertake. Somebody with a good mix of all of these skills is our ideal, although we will consider people who are perhaps less experienced in one area as long as they can show aptitude and willingness to learn.

We provide a package of benefits and support services. These vary depending on how a person is contracted to support us. For associates they may typically include:

  • Business Development to identify suitable roles and place associates within them, although this does not preclude the associate finding their own business of course
  • Long term contracts for selected core associates to remove uncertainty related to finding roles
  • Investment in training and mentoring for core associates in relevant key skills as required e.g. MooD Training
  • On the job support from core Agilient staff in the form of ideas, experience, advice and general sounding board
  • Access to MooD and other tools via the Agilient Cloud Server, including the ability to develop solutions, demonstrate prototypes or simply access various software packages
  • Access to the portfolio of Agilient solutions to use as the basis of new solutions or simply to deploy as part of a larger contract for solutions and consultancy services
  • Access to the Agilient Knowledge Base of case studies, best practices, solution descriptions etc.
  • Support for applying for security clearances required for the job
  • Opportunities for those inclined, and who show the appropriate skillset, to join Agilient as full time employees with profit sharing opportunities in the business
  • All IP developed within Agilient will be owned by Agilient, however, there will be opportunities for those associates who dedicate some of their own time to developing particular solutions to share in any future profits from the solution as long as they are associates of Agilient

We want our people to be part of our business – to help us grow it and to benefit from that growth through a profit share scheme. Therefore we will always be on the look out for permanent employees, either within our associate pool or from outside our current network.

So if you are interested in joining our team please use the contact form to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!