Solution Capabilities

“We develop our solutions using agile development and maintenance methodologies combined with our unique toolset to integrate the problem to solution value chain. This provides maximum flexibility whilst assuring the robustness and resilience of the final outputs. This approach ensures that the solution evolves in an auditable and evidenced way without compromising on cost or time.

We are continuously building a knowledge base of templates, tools and techniques that support the various stages of our solution development cycle.

How do we develop our Solutions?

We deliver Solution Capabilities to our clients that support their decision making by providing them with the information they need when they need it, in a format that works for them, and assures the quality of the data used to generate their outputs.

The Agilient Solution Capabilities are made up of components. These components form a set of reusable elements that can be deployed alone or configured to meet the needs of a variety of different Solution Capabilities. They consist of software, tools, techniques, people and other resources to deliver bespoke solutions or managed services to our customers. They are well-defined, fully tested and documented to form a robust, scalable yet adaptable product.

Our Solution Components, along with a complimentary set of tools that enable us and our customers to carry out specific tasks more quickly, are housed and drawn from our Agilient Toolset. Additionally, bespoke components may be bolted on to existing ones to meet and fulfil the changing requirements of a particular client problem. It is useful to think of them as bricks, that can stand alone or be slotted together to form a larger block.”


Examples of our Solutions


Flashlight is a capability reporting tool used to gather and clearly present data from across various organisations about their ability to operate in readiness and sustainability terms at any given point in time. It produces various reports and outputs from this data that support mission-critical decision making.


Headlight provides a decision support layer to Portfolio, Programme and Project Management. It informs decisions relating to portfolio balance of investment, programme benefits and project outputs by providing a better understanding of dependencies and uncertainties between programmes and projects across the portfolio.


Beacon is an interactive toolset that captures and communicates outcome-based business plans. People who own Goals, Supporting Objectives and Milestones can update progress towards their achievement, providing a consolidated overview of progress towards the realisation of the organisations Plan


Spotlight provides decision support for capability through life from development of the capability strategy through to capability planning, delivery, and generation. It supports the assessment of capability gaps and the conduct of capability audits. By linking this through to RAIDO (Risk, Assumptions, Issues, Dependencies, Opportunities) management, evidence support can be provided to balance of investment decisions.


Lighthouse provides a high level view of planned training events over a given period of time. It visually provides a coherent and balanced programme that accurately reflects articulated priorities and enables the synchronisation of activities and resources in order that training opportunities can be identified and exploited.


Foglight manages RAIDO (Risk, Assumptions, Issues, Dependencies and Opportunities) as an integrated set of interdependent uncertainties. It moves away from traditional list management and provides a highly visual presentation of the levels of uncertainty faced at all levels within an Enterprise. FOGLIGHT integrates with both HEADLIGHT and SPOTLIGHT.


Lantern is the tool that supports organisation and individual learning and development from an activity or event by capturing and enabling the retrieval of key information. It uses themes and keywords that can be tracked throughout or between events to identify opportunities for intervention or to test new practices.


Firelight provides a solution to track the realisation of benefits across a series of change programmes and provides an integrated, balanced view of the aggregated benefit to the enterprise. As such, it links with HEADLIGHT and FOGLIGHT to provide an assessment of benefits and the plans and actions required to realise them.