At Agilient we make sure that everything we do sets you up to make good decisions.

We work alongside our clients and partners in integrated teams, bringing together within a single organisation more than 70 years’ experience across the public and private sectors. If only we could guarantee the outcomes! We may not be magicians… but we can improve the quality of your decision making and greatly increase your ability to stay one step ahead.

Our success lies in our ability to assemble the right team for each project that we undertake. We are able to bring together people with the most relevant sector and functional experience to generate ideas and deliver optimised solutions each and every time. Our team consists of a blend of employees, core consultants and associates who are motivated and directed by an experienced leadership team under the guidance of a board of executive and non-executive directors.

Our Team

Our Directors are also active consultants delivering solutions and analytical support to our clients. We are proud to work alongside a strong team of people whose skills and experience we can learn from and compliment with our own. This team comprises a mix of core staff, embedded consultants and project-based associates, each of whom bring their own unique influence to bear on our engagements.

Alan Payne


Alan is a highly experienced solution architect with a strong background knowledge and skills in strategic planning, managing and implementing change. He has led consultancy supporting the adoption of new business approaches in the commercial sector with organisations such as Unilever, TotalFinaElf, Unisys and Xerox.

Alan has over thirty years’ experience in the IT industry in consultancy, marketing, sales, solution development & delivery. He has spent the last 10 years providing business change and decision support solutions across the UK Defence Sector. Prior to this, he was Director and General Manager of the Xerox Document Solution Organisation and Vice President & General Manager for the Worldwide Banking & Financial Services sector in Xerox.

He joined The Salamander Organization in 2002 as a consultant with specific responsibilities for developing new channels to market through partnerships and became increasingly involved with the Defence, Public Sectors and some of their prime contractors.

Mark le Masurier


Mark is one of the founding Directors of Agilient International.  He is an experienced leader, portfolio, programme and project manager (PRINCE and Agile).  He is a Chartered Engineer with two IT/IS Degrees, a Fellow of the CIPD and a Chartered Logistician with practical experience working in some of the most demanding roles in Defence and Security within the UK Ministry of Defence.

He was an Army Logistics officer, and a graduate of the Advanced Command and Staff Course, and has been repeatedly invited back to the Defence Academy of the UK to lecture about P3M.

In April 2016 he set up, and became the Managing Director of Agilient New Zealand.  Agilient (NZ) builds on the success of Agilient to deliver our decision support solutions.  Now in his 7th year in New Zealand, Mark advises the New Zealand Defence Force on Strategy and Operational Readiness.  As well as deploying the Agilient TORCH and Lighthouse toolset they maintain solutions to demand, manage and supply routine capabilities across the Defence Force.  The team also provides solution support to the NZ National Maritime Coordination Centre.

Working with us

Our partners