We create competitive advantage by moving faster through the discover, design & deliver cycle so that you can make confident, timely decisions

The Agilient Approach is a multi-dimensional method of problem solving that successfully supports our customers’ decision making. It is an agile approach that is iterative yet seamless. It involves the application of resilient methods and tools that work because they are highly adaptive yet robust, supporting people-based processes and delivering integrated, scalable solutions.
The world in which we operate is complex, creating multiple choices to achieve a range of outcomes. To enable timely and effective decision-making we provide solutions that focus on the realisation of benefits linked to the business objectives that drive the decisions that need to be made.
Our consultants work with you in a hands-on, collaborative relationship to elicit your requirements and facilitate understanding of the problem space. We iteratively develop supported solutions that exploit knowledge and information in an assured, robust and scalable way. These are delivered using appropriate programme and project management disciplines, in concert with an Agile methodology, adapted to each engagement to deliver faster without jeopardising quality, scalability or budget.

Illuminating the way

Our Solutions

Why engage us?

We want to help you to make good decisions, timely decisions that are based on the best information available at the time.

Why work with us?

Agilient works transparently inside partners’ organisations providing expertise to augment their own skills and experience. We lead and foster teams in which our partners help us to deliver outcomes that are richer for the combined input of us all.


Do you have what it takes to be Agilient?

I would like to thank Agilient for the invaluable contribution in helping get the Capability Management foundations in place for our major Defence client. The understanding, enthusiasm, drive, breadth of skills and determination have been evident at every stage….not least demonstrated through the development of an effective operational tool set within a broader management process for our client. Many organisations can build tools – but success comes from delivering the process and methods and improving the expediency with well founded toolsets. Agilient are able to comprehend, contribute to and support the implementation of methods and then translate that into an effective, embedded and enduring toolset. I look forward to working with them in the future Dr Andrew Dixon

Managing Director, SVGC Ltd

A professional and client focused company they produce highly valued solutions that have received recognition from the very top of the MoD. I have been very impressed with their vision and drive and they are a pleasure to work with. Andrew King

Client Director, MooD International

Working with Algilient immediately brings to mind; Competence, Responsiveness, Pleasantness. They provide an extremely competent and knowledgeable resource to address a wide range of problems across multiple domains, quickly without fuss and difficulty and then deliver the work as promised, with an enthusiastic working attitude, excellent integration into the client team and good humour – making the whole engagement thoroughly rewarding Andrew Daw

Chief Systems Engineer, Harmonic